A black farce by Joe Orton
Directed by Harry Durnall


"The cast pulled out all the stops on this play, and it shows in the energy it radiated and the response it garnered." - Alex Gilbey, Theatre In Wales. See the full review here.

Start by mixing together a tyrannical manager, a sycophantic Padre, a chief yellow coat of clownish incompetence, and dysfunctional punters. Add dodgy British innuendo, wonderfully comic fights, then fold in biting humour - Very tasty. It's a 1960's holiday camp overseen by Margaret Erpingham herself. The evening's entertainment goes horribly wrong, as righteous frenzy overtakes the would-be revellers and the chaos caused by chief yellow coat Riley results in anarchy, dramatic over-reaction, and extremism. People will take a stand whatever the consequences. Our very tasty offering turns into food for thought – Wonderful theatre.

Orton's plays are a flamboyant dance with the death he found in life. He liked being 'the fly on the wall' who registered the idiom. His sexual adventures taught him to suspect every show of normality.

Like all great satirists, Joe Orton was a realist. He was dubbed the Oscar Wilde of the Welfare State by the Observer, as both did something very special to the English language. 'The Erpingham Camp' was first presented as a radio play by Rediffusion on 27 June 1966. Louche Theatre's production is of the first staged version, produced by The Royal Court Theatre on 6 June 1967.




Margaret Erpingham Milly Jackdaw Artistic Director Harry Durnall
Riley Hillary Nunn Production Manager Shelley Fullwood
Ted Brian Swaddling Wardrobe Mistress Caroline Clark
Lou Catherine Deering Marketing Officer Lizzie Ellen Hyde
Kenny Darren O'Connell Scenic Artist Jim Vale
Eileen Sean Byrne Assistant to Artistic Director Paula Gallagher
W.E. Harrison Heather Giles    
Jessie Mason Paula Gallagher    
Padre Matthew Fullwood    
Vera Sue Harries    
Betty Nest Howells